India Sourcing

In addition to being representative for international companies to source chemicals from India & neighboring countries, ChemConn offers many value added services to its international partners like:

    • Differentiation between suppliers
    • Plant audit/inspection
    • Quality inspection through approved agencies
    • Single point contact
    • Combined buying power
    • One-stop sourcing from South East Asian countries like China, Korea, Malaysia, etc.
    • Packaging & stuffing inspection
    • Close follow-ups: Arranging offer, samples, pre & post shipments follow up, timely shipment, shipping documents, etc
    • Claims/disputes settlement/mediation in settling matters even with financial support
    • Market study of specific products
    • Coordinating, updating, and educating Indian producers about regulatory matters
    • Promoting Principals within the Indian industry, visiting exhibitions, personal meetings
    • Joint promotional activities along with principals (advertisement in trade journals, joint participation in exhibitions, etc.)
    • Distribution agreement arrangement
    • Planning and accompanying Principal’s visits to India (even to remotest places)
    • Co-coordinating with industrial and govt. bodies and keeping principals informed about govt. policies, socio-economic & political situation of the country.
    • Visiting principal’s offices from time to time to update & exchange views.
    • Informing partners about new market/products development possibilities
    • Due diligence of suppliers

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