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We act as procurement agents for international chemicals/ ingredients/ polymers/ mineral distributors, also undertaking product and supplier developmental work on behalf of our international partners. Besides finding the most cost-efficient products on our partners’ demand, we constantly suggest products which our manufacturers are in a strong position to supply. Since we source products for a large number of international distributors, we thereby, have a large network of buyers that has helped us in developing a cordial relationship with a host of manufacturers (we work with about 400 Indian manufacturers). Our ultimate aim remains to promote our partner in the Indian industry and creating exclusive distribution arrangements.

Besides India, we also procure products from nearby Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea & China, enabling us to supply even the products that aren’t available in the Indian market. We have thus proved ourselves to be a vital aid to our international partners who do not have sourcing arrangements in these countries.

Our Value Addition in Supply Chain

  • Understanding our international partners’ product requirements. Finding good suppliers, checking supplier’s credentials, quality consciousness, etc. through desk research, our contacts in the industry, and published information.
  • Writing introductory letters, visiting leading producers to discuss supply prospects, try to convince to work on exclusive relationship for designated area/ countries where our partner has a distribution network.
  • To ensure suppliers’ quality consciousness auditing new supplier’s plant, quality control systems, offices, etc.
  • Informing our partners about products where our designated manufacturers are strong or where suppliers are well-tested by us.
  • Since many chemicals are hazardous thus safe handling is imperative so we start with arranging technical information like Product datasheet, Safety datasheet, Hazard classification, Certificate of Analysis, etc.
  • Arranging samples. In those cases where the supplier does not agree to send samples free of cost, we organize the sending of samples at the buyer’s courier collect account or at our cost (in case of urgency).
  • Since quality is of utmost importance so arranging quality certifications like ISO, HACCP, GMP, Kosher, Halal, DMF/ Pharmacopeia, etc. and forwarding the same to our partner.
  • Doing commercial negotiations like pricing, payment terms like CAD, open credit, shipment month, transit time, packaging of the product, etc. on our partner’s behalf.
  • Pre/ post shipments follow up like arranging order confirmation mentioning terms of supply, shipment forecast, timely shipments, arranging shipping documents on time, etc.
  • If packaging inspection is required then we depute our executive to oversee the packaging, stuffing on the container, locking of the container, etc.
  • If 3rd party quality inspection is asked by our partner then arranging the same with reputed international agencies like SGS, Silliker, Intertek, WCAS, etc. (cost of the quality inspection in buyer’s account).
  • Attending trade fairs (like CPhI, Chemspec, Food ingredients show, In-cosmetics, Plastindia, Coating Show, etc) to promote our international partners.
  • Relationship management, maintaining a good relationship with suppliers at all levels. Entertaining key people at the supplier’s end from time to time.
  • In spite of all the precautions some claims/ rebate, quality issues are part of the chemical trade so we take up the same forcefully with suppliers and settle claims & rebates like a shortage, replacement of inferior quality supplied, delay in shipment/documentation, etc.
  • Keeping our partners informed of the availability of products, price trends, competitors’ activities, etc.
  • Visiting partners’ offices periodically to update and exchange views on all matters.
  • Arranging the partners’ visits to India/ SE Asian countries. Planning the visit and discussing the same with the visiting person, booking meetings, domestic travel, accompanying a visiting person throughout the visit right from pick up at the arrival airport till departure.

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