After its immense success in sourcing from Indian manufacturers, ChemConn formed a sister company by the name CMP International Sourcing Pvt. Ltd, popularly known as CMP. This company is chemical distributor’s one stop shop for all their chemical requirements from fast developing Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia etc. Besides our diverse home market (India) where ChemConn is deep into sourcing, CMP with a diverse web of suppliers for Specialty and Commodity chemicals, Pharma, Food and feed Ingredients, Petrochemicals, etc., CMP offers its international partners the most competitively sourced offers from across the continent.


A center of rapid growth, the Chemical Industry of South East Asia attracts more and more customers from across the world. Lead by China, which is set to soon account for a third of the global chemical demand, countries like Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand are increasingly becoming important suppliers for buyers seeking effective prices without having to compromise on quality measures. This is the market in which CMP primarily operates.


High lucrativeness comes with fierce competitiveness and opportunistic behavior. As this is also prevalent in the South East Asian industry, a local presence in the market makes life easy for international distributors sitting continents away. That is where CMP comes into the picture. Buying from traders means paying hefty margins, often as high as 5-10% and that too without any direct access to actual producers. CMP on the other hand brings international distributors in direct business with prime producers and charges its partners a minimalistic commission of 1 to 2%. Furthermore, our actions aren’t limited to procuring and selling products alone. Instead, our model is to provide end-to-end service to our partners, following up till the transaction has been duly concluded.

With over a decade of experience across the Asian chemical industries, CMP now has own sourcing offices in Seoul (Korea) and Shanghai (China & Taiwan). Other nearby countries are being handled via our India offices where we employ 2 third country sourcing experts. Our spirited professionals are well versed with a wholesome knowledge of the diverse range of products that we deal in and are ever prepared to provide immediate, efficient assistance with all your product needs.

Other than South East Asia, CMP has also ventured into the Petrochemical-rich Middle East for sourcing solvents and petrochemical derived products. To that end, we are in the process of establishing an office in Dubai in 2020.

Like in case of India, our operations from Asian countries remain equally focused on providing the most efficient and wholesome services at minimal expenses on our partner’s end. Through frequent visits to the suppliers, regular factory audits and continuous follow ups, we keep due vigilance with the aim of safeguarding the interests of our partners.